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What Happened To Landon?

Welcome back, everyone!

I hope all of you have been feeling good the last few months. Time flew so fast, I didn't realize that it's been nearly four months. Taking a step away to gain more clarity and simply live life was much needed. I can't stress enough the importance of rest, mentally and physically. Recently, I've made some changes that seem to be working so far. I'll share them in upcoming posts, but I'll let you in on one now. I've spent my time doing NOTHING.

That's right. You read that correctly. I've done nothing but be still and quiet my thoughts for a while. Although it's much easier said than done, easing my mind and better recognizing my triggers has been cathartic. Since I began my sober journey, I've been calculated in my recovery from alcohol abuse. Being hyper-focused on not drinking and maintaining my sobriety caused me to stop checking in with myself increasingly less. Although I was doing the work, I failed to be present enough to reap the benefits.

I feel like I've reached a point in my journey where I have no desire for alcohol (it's almost numbing), but I'm missing the dopamine surge. After decades of living in a bottle, I'm finally getting back to what makes me genuinely happy. Those small moments with the people I love, the odd quirks that contribute to who I am, and the small wins I'm able to celebrate that I know I wouldn't have accomplished if I were still drinking are what I live for right now.

My biggest challenge this season has been understanding and controlling my emotions and thought patterns. My last post from August was all about how to practice emotional intelligence and how we can benefit from it. At the time, it was a fairly new concept to me. The last few months have been an emotional lesson in taking control of my thoughts and feelings and communicating effectively with others. I've discovered so many nuances to myself and I'm steadily refining my sober mind to better serve myself and strengthen my close relationships.

I'm happy to be back and I have much more knowledge to share with you all! There may even be a few surprises in store! 😏

In June, I started a Facebook group called The Fix, a social group for the sober and sober curious to share stories, ask questions, and lift each other up without judgment or shame. It's been a very special project for me and I have all of you to thank for its rapid growth. The Fix has expanded to Instagram, so be sure to check it out and follow!

We'll talk soon, friends!

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